Key information before you arrive to Montenegro

Montenegro is a small Mediterranean country with rich architectural and cultural heritage, diversity of landscapes and climates, and a well preserved natural environment.

Naturally well-suited for the development of all kinds of tourism, Montenegro is focused on becoming an elite tourist destination.
Montenegro is considered one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations.

Sutomore is a small town situated north of Bar and is famous for its long, pebble beaches with promenade and numerous restaurants and beach bars.


Montenegro Territory: 13,812 km²  
Inhabitants: 662.000
Capital city: Podgorica (173.000 inhabitants)
Time zone: GTM+1
Language: Montenegrin
Official currency: Euro
Letters: Cyrillic & Latin
Telephone code for Montenegro: +382
Famous touristic and historic cities: Bar, Budva, Kotor
Bathing season: 180 days
Sea: dark blue
Transparency of the sea: 38-56m
Length of sea coast: 239 km
Length of beaches: 73 km
Climate: Mediterranean
Average temperature: summer: 27.4ºC
Maximum sea temperature: 27.1 ºC
Average of sunny days a year: 240 days
Electric power: 220 V / 50 Hz


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